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Contest-winning comic. Award-winning voiceover artist and commercial producer. 


voice work


Just under 5 years experience in broadcasting. Voiced 1000's of commercials for tons of clients in various fields. Guaranteed high quality work with a very fast turnaround. Also available for voice acting.



I won the first contest I ever entered and never looked back. 8 years in and only getting funnier. Performed at The Improv, Stanford & Sons, and clubs and colleges across the midwest.




Need a hot 16? Maybe a catchy ass hook? Well, fam, I suggest you get it sooner than later cuz FACEFACE is about to blow up and so are these price points.


Who is Paul Nyakatura?


Funny ass rapper with a golden reading voice. Seriously, CHECK. ME. OUT.
Best part is: I'm crazy affordable. By the way, if anyone's counting, I've used the word 'ass' twice now. That's thrice. For some reason I feel the need to include the fact that I love to use that aforementioned 'golden reading voice' to scream my face off at K-State Wildcats, Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs games. Also, I'm from Kansas City, if that's not wildly apparent by now. Anywho, pay me to talk.