Paul Nyakatura

I talk. Like, REALLY well.

Photo: Bobby Foley


Contest-winning comic. Award-winning voiceover artist and commercial producer.

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Just under 5 years experince in broadcasting. Voiced 1000s of commercials for tons of clients in various fields. Guaranteed high quality work with a very fast turnaround. Also available for voice acting.

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I won the first contest I ever entered and never looked back. 8 years in and only getting funnier. Performed at The Improv, Stanford & Sons, and clubs and colleges across the midwest.



Need a hot 16? Maybe a catchy ass hook? Well, fam, I suggest you get it sooner than later cuz FACEFACE is about to blow up and so are these price points. As humble as that wasn't, I'm really chill to work with. Let's do this. 

Who is Paul Nyakatura?

Funny ass rapper with a golden reading voice. Seriously, CHECK. ME. OUT.
Best part is: I'm crazy affordable. By the way, if anyone's counting, I've used the word 'ass' twice now. That's thrice. For some reason I feel the need to include the fact that I love to use that aforementioned 'golden reading voice' to scream my face off at K-State Wildcats, Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs games. Also, I'm from Kansas City, if that's not wildly apparent by now. Anywho, pay me to talk. 


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